What special skill does it take to be an IJS volunteer? None, but if you do, that's great. Our volunteers come from all walks of life ...

... doctors, lawyers, accountants, nurses, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, secretaries, sales people, construction workers, firefighters and police, schoolteachers, homemakers, pilots, bus and cab drivers, writers, artists, etc.

All you really need to be an IJS volunteer is a commitment to caring. And this commitment comes from the realization that our Catholic Church  needs a continuous supply of qualified and dedicated men to enter and remain in the priesthood. One of the ways that we, as laity, can support this effort is to help lessen some of a priest's difficulty when  caring for a parent in need of assistance. This is exactly what IJS volunteers do.


If you would like to learn more about how you can participate in this program go to the contact page and submit a contact form or email us.

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